About Sue Moreland, MSW, LICSW

Certified and Licensed as a Social Worker in the State of Washington since 1989

I became passionate about the complexity of human experience and the origins of emotional and psychological difficulty as an undergraduate student at Seattle University in the late 1970’s while studying psychology. Inspired by teachers and studies, I pursued graduate training as a Clinical Social Worker and career in mental health. I continue to explore how both experience and biology create who we are and how counseling and psychotherapy can potentially lead to profound personal change.

My employment history includes working in community mental health settings, working with college students at the University of Washington, and counseling adolescents and families in public school and correction settings.  I have continued to pursue extensive post-graduate training and consultation to further my skills as a diagnostician and clinician.

For the past 30+ years I have built a private counseling and psychotherapy practice and am currently located in the Totem Lake area of Kirkland, WA.  A primary focus of my work is relationships, their impact on the self development, and helping my clients develop capacity for personal relationship success and satisfaction.  I also help my client develop a clearer sense of them selves and resolve feelings about the past.  I also use more educational counseling approaches focused on skill building and insight development.

My work with children focuses on helping them optimize their growth and development so they may grow into strong and capable young men and women. Much of the learning and work is experiential occurring within the context of the therapy and in personal reflection.  I serve adults, children and teens over the age of 11, couples, and families. 

My intention is to provide, attentive, respectful, and individualized treatment to help my clients reach desired outcomes. I am experienced working with individuals and families from a wide variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

I remain fascinated and enriched by my work as a therapist, teacher and consultant.  I am honored by the invitation by my clients to join them on their journey toward a more meaningful, satisfying and happier life. I am a wife and mother of teen age children and actively involved in my community and professional organization. 

If you have questions about my professional experience and approach to treatment or would like to make an appointment please call (425) 820-7100 or

Email:  http://kirklandpsychcare.com/contact-information/