The decision to seek counseling and psychotherapy can be motivated by many things.

Perhaps you are struggling with too many fears, unhappiness, or wish you could change yourself.    Are the transitions you are going through a bit more than  you can handle?  You may also be puzzled about creating satisfying relationships or the path to have a happy marriage.
We will begin with you sharing why you have come and how your difficulties have developed over time.  You will be my window into your world as we begin to create a clearer picture of what motivates you, your feelings, thoughts and decisions. This is the first step toward change. I want to know what you are hoping to have happen in our work together and in your life.  It is my job to listen, make a careful assessment and recommend a tailored plan of action that may include one or a combination of the following:
Counseling:  Including support, advice, cognitive restructuring, behavioral training, or education leading to better understanding, self acceptance and success.
Psychotherapy: A shared relational process of self exploration involving uncovering your motivations not clearly seen or understood on your own, leading  to deeper understanding, new self awareness, and lasting personal change. One focus is what is happening between us and in the moment as a reflection of a larger personal process. This often involves a commitment to on-going frequent meetings towards synthesizing and internalizing deeper change.
Other  Intervention:  If necessary I work closely with a health care providers or other  professionals to address related  conditions or neuro-chemical imbalances.   Looking at the whole person is often  needed to achieve full success. I may refer you to another mental health professional if your needs are beyond the scope of my practice. It is important you get the treatment you need.
If you have questions or are interested in making an appointment please contact me at:
 (425) 820-7100.