Pre-Teens and Teens

Do you need help with:

 Succeeding with school?

Figuring out your future after High School?

Making and keeping friends?

Fears, procrastination, avoidance?

Getting along with your family?

Making positive changes with your use of drugs or alcohol?

Initially, my work with pre-teens and teens (ages 11 and up) begins with a meeting with parents so I might understand clearly what you would like to have happen for your child. I would like to gain your perspective on what is currently happening as well as about your child’s development so far. Results of previous evaluations and relevant school records can be very helpful. I will then meet with your child for one to three diagnostic sessions. Generally, I then meet with parents and present my findings and make treatment recommendations. I may make parenting recommendations, let you know what to expect and tell you how you might best enhance your child’s treatment.

My recommended treatment for your child and family may include the following:

Counseling:  This could include emotional support, advice, or psycho-education aimed at better awareness, self acceptance and behavioral change. This may include specific outside treatment recommendations.  I am much in the role of teacher and mentor for your child as a counselor.

Psychotherapy: A shared process of self exploration involving facilitating your child’s understanding of their emotions and motivations.  Psychotherapy is relational process involving self reflection and a shared thinking process. In this more developmental approach children have an opportunity to gain deeper self awareness. Children can resolve negative and unproductive thinking and behavior patterns with this new found knowledge. This type of care involves a commitment to on-going and frequent, regular care to help your child internalize and actualize change.

Family Therapy:  Generally my work with pre-teens and teens involves my working with them alone so that they can take on increasing responsibility for creating solutions in their lives. The goal is to help them to grow into happy and healthy young men and women.  Parents can communicate progress on my voice mail or via email. It can be helpful for families to join their child periodically in session to facilitate an understanding of their child’s growing knowledge of themselves.  If there is a urgent crisis in the family, a referral for crisis intervention will be made. 

Medical intervention: I will help your child receive medicine to address any neuro-chemical imbalances with a referral to a qualified medical practitioner.  This happens only  when I assess symptoms will not resolve with out it.  Understanding how your child’s current health impacts his or her life is critical to our work together. Rarely does medication alone fully resolve clinical symptoms. 

No treatment or Technical Parenting Coaching:  Your child’s difficulties may be related to normal developmental challenges which I feel will resolve with time and understanding but do not require treatment at this time.  Treatment may involve specific parenting interventions based on your child’s developmental needs.  

Meetings with teachers or school officials:  It can be necessary to meet with teachers and school officials during the diagnostic process in order to gather relevant educational and behavioral information.  Intervention recommendations may be made to school personnel during the diagnostic phase. There is of course no guarantee of follow through on their part.

Are your concerned about your safety,  the safety of your child, or your family:

If your child is suicidal, self destructive or a threat to others it is important you get  care as soon as possible. This includes any self harm or health threatening eating problems. If your child’s conditions leads you to  fear for their life then take them to the nearest hospital emergency room for evaluation.  If they won’t go or can’t go then call 911. DO NOT DELAY. Psychotherapy or counseling alone is rarely enough care to turn things around.  In this situation your child needs  expert and efficient care as soon as possible.  If your child’s safety became a concern during my care for them, continued care of your child would require full cooperation with my recommendations for urgent, emergent or more intensive care as well as  progress toward stabilization.  Your child’s safety is my first priority.

If you have questions or are interested in making an appointment please contact me at: (425) 820-7100