COUPLES Counseling

Do you desire a deeper level of intimacy with your partner?
Do you want to resolve conflicts more effectively and peacefully?
Do you want more mutual understanding?
Are you looking to increase your level of satisfaction in your sexual life together?
Are you concerned negative or destructive behavior?
Are you considering marriage?
Do you want to proceed with divorce or separation without blame and hurt?

Initially we will enter into a diagnostic effort together.  I want to know what you would like to have happen in our work together. I want to hear the story of your relationship and its current concerns from both of you.  Together we will begin to understand the plot and themes.  Partners will be asked to reflect on the ways they personally contribute. This process can take up to 3 sessions.   

It is my job to listen, share what I learn, provide you with a thorough and clear assessment, and recommend a specific treatment approach. This may include the following:

Counseling: Developing a shared understanding, developing strategies for breaking free of patterns, introducing communication techniques, and sharing information and suggestions for increased understanding, respect and closeness.  My role as a couple’s counselor is one of teacher or mentor.  I help facilitate your communication with one another.

Pre-marital counseling:  By exploring readiness and compatibility for marriage partners can approach marriage with confidence and joy.   With counseling, you can build skills for a successful beginning. Couples are encouraged to look at the meaning and commitment related to beginning a married life style. By learning more about how your partner thinks and feels you can avoid negative communication patterns and common pit falls.  

Pre-parenting counseling:  Together we can explore your decision to become pregnant and parent a child and how will it change your life and your future together.  Planning for an optimal birth experience and early parent child bonding can be a foundation for the development of a family.

Separation and Divorce Mediation: Being able to end a coupled relationship with dignity and mutual respect requires willingness to understanding and accept each other and the reasons the relationship did not work.  This can be done with couples counseling. This can be of paramount importance to moving on and resolving disputes about property and co-parenting.

Psychotherapy: By exploring both personal and interpersonal meaning couple’s therapy can be a path to increasing the depth and understanding of one’s self as well as expanding the potential for deeper intimacy.  It is a relational process involving personal and shared reflection both in and out of the therapy session. Shared thinking and empathy is deepened as partners gain self awareness, understand their partner and their relationship more fully. My role as a psychotherapist is to uncovering of motivations and meaning in your relationship. 

Referral: My recommendations may include a referral to another professional including for individual therapy.  It is important you get the treatment you both want and need.

My goal is to help you using efficient and effective clinical approaches, understood and agreed upon by us all.  This can include both short term (1-20 sessions) and longer term (20 sessions or longer). 

Regarding Insurance Coverage for Couples Care: Please contact your insurance company regarding coverage for couples therapy before we begin. Some companies cover and some do not.  If they do please be aware one partner will need to have a mental health diagnosis in order for your company to determine medical necessity. This will be determined during our initial meetings. Without this, Kirkland Psychotherapy, Inc cannot bill your insurance company.

If you have questions or wish to make an appointment please contact me at:

(425) 820-7100